The 10 Best Office Pranks that (Probably) Won’t Get You Arrested

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April Fools’ Day (April 1st) is right around the corner, so for those looking to prank their officemates, we’ve created a list of easy office pranks that won’t get you a nasty letter from HR.

A few key elements to a great office prank include anonymity and ease of setup. You want to get in, set up your prank and get out without arousing suspicion that you’re the jokester behind it all. Within that, the sky’s the limit with the torture you can exact on your co-workers!



1. Fake Dead Rat

Does your office have a rat problem? Do you see rat traps casually littered around your workplace? Maybe you’ve had a few conversations with specific co-workers who really can’t stand the idea of encountering dead rodents this early in the morning. Well, a simple fake dead rat placed in a trap by your co-worker’s feet are sure to delight your inner prankster. Howl with laughter as you hear the shrieks of fear coming from that co-worker’s cubicle bright and early on April 1st.



2. Fill Desk Drawers with Packing Peanuts

Find yourself working next to someone who keeps their workspace orderly? Feel the need to cause a little mischief? Consider coming in 15 minutes early with a big bag of packing peanuts. Load up every desk drawer of your co-worker’s cubicle with styrofoam, and snicker to yourself as you watch that co-worker’s OCD go into overdrive, picking out every piece of packing material from their drawers.



3. Plastic Wrap Office Chairs

Wrapping your co-worker’s chair in plastic wrap is a great, harmless prank for the office! First, you’re giving them an extra task to add to their to-do list, and you’re also fooling them into thinking maybe, just maybe they got a new office chair! At some point in the unwrapping, it’ll dawn on them the office prankster has struck again!



4. Sneaky Printer Sabotage

If you work in an office space that keeps security high on the list, you may find access to be a real problem when trying to fool a co-worker. Here’s a quick little prank that sidesteps just about every security measure. Come in early and print 500 pages with the word “Sample” angled across the whole page. Once you finish printing, return those pages to the printer tray. Your co-workers will be so confused when they print anything. Then, they’ll remember what day it is and chuckle to themselves as they realize they share an office with a bona fide professional jokester!



5. Cover Co-Worker’s Car in Post-It Notes

You can exact harmless hijinks on your favorite co-worker by covering their car in Post-It Notes! Feel free to write or draw something within the covered car by using different colored sticky notes. The look on your co-worker’s face when they return to their car after a long day in the office is sure to tickle your funny bone!




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6. Krispy Kreme Donut Box Filled with Veggies

This next prank might be deemed a little too devilish for your co-workers, so attempt this at your own risk. Few dare messing with the necessary sugar rush in the morning. But, if you feel adventurous, consider replacing donuts with veggies and dip inside an empty Krispy Kreme donut box! Prepare for outrage as your fellow officemates trickle into the break room for a bear claw, only to leave with broccoli and disappointment!



7. Stapler in Gelatin

For the fans of the classic workplace sitcom The Office, nothing beats encasing your co-worker’s stuff in gelatin! Your co-worker will likely get the reference immediately and chuckle when he realizes he works with someone who loves great comedy. If you do decide to exact this prank on someone, also consider being the bigger person and fess up to the prank and offer to clean up the submerged object.




8. Rainbow Windshield Wipers

Sometimes pranks can create things of beauty. You could add colored frosting in ROYGBIV order on top of someone’s windshield wiper blades. When your victim attempts to wipe clear his windshield, he’ll get a beautiful rainbow smear! Dangerous? Sure. Borderline criminal? Maybe. Guaranteed priceless April-Fools reaction? Absolutely!



9. Replace Hand Sanitizer with Lubricating Jelly

Share an office with any germaphobes? Do you see your co-workers always racing to sterilize their hands with hand sanitizer? Well, little do they know that you can easily swap out their germ-fighting hand cleaner with common lubricating jelly! Once you see their dismay at their sticky hands, pop out and shout “germs are exercise for your immune system, losers!”



10. Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

And of course, how could we forget the nuclear April Fools option. A spring loaded glitter bomb is a perfect way to ruin a certain co-worker’s day. You can have it delivered to them, because everyone loves to unwrap a package. Then POP! Suddenly your co-worker will be coated in glitter that is sure to remain throughout the day. Makers of the classic glitter bomb also have spring loaded smelly poop bombs, and disguised glitter-bomb envelopes for people too wise to fall for the classic tube of glitter.


And, of course, a word of warning:

Remember that your co-worker’s haven’t opted in to your pranks. You’re targeting unsuspecting victims and ruining their day, or at least complicating it. As always, remember that your actions are your responsibility. If you’re thinking about targeting someone who won’t find these pranks funny, consider focusing your efforts on your friends who might actually chuckle at your antics.


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