6 Awesome Food Subscription Boxes You Need to Try

Kryssie Spence

These days you can have literally anything delivered to your doorstep, including incredible gourmet food! If you’re still trekking to the supermarket three times a week to buy groceries, you need to take a bold step into the future. It’s now cheaper, healthier and more convenient to order food online. No, I’m not talking about ordering through your regular supermarket online.

I’m talking about subscription boxes!

That’s right, you can get delicious meals, treats, snacks and more delivered to your home every week without lifting a finger. How good does that sound?

We’ve done our research and found six great food subscription boxes you need to try! So pick a box that suits your style, kick back, relax and enjoy the 21st Century!



1. HelloFresh: For the Busy, Health-Conscious Family

Price: varies

Anyone with a family to feed knows the worst part about organizing dinner is coming up with something to cook. What’s worse than rushing to google recipes after a brain-frying day at the office?

HelloFresh solves this problem by outsourcing your dinner prep to a team of gourmet chefs. The ingredients arrive (pre-measured with instructions) on your doorstep, all you have to do is cook and serve! On top of this, all of HelloFresh’s meals are healthy, seasonal and cater to a range of dietary requirements.



2. Vegan Cuts: For the Adventurous Vegan

Price: $19/month

Tracking down tasty, cruelty-free vegan snacks can be a chore—you can spend hours checking labels if your supermarket doesn’t cater to your lifestyle. Vegan Cuts takes the work out of veganism by sending you an assortment of delicious snacks, chips, cookies, sodas and teas that are sourced from only the best boutique manufacturers. Finally you can get your snack on, easily and ethically!



3. Bestowed: Nutritionist-Approved Snacks for an Active Lifestyle

Price: $20/month

Whether you’re watching your weight, or simply trying to live a healthy lifestyle, avoiding cravings can be a challenge. When you subscribe to Bestowed, you’re making sure that you always have a healthy nutritionist-approved snack on hand when those cravings hit. So snack with confidence, Bestowed keeps you satisfied while also giving your body the love it deserves.  



4. Urthbox: Organic Superfoods for the Ethical Eater

Price: $125/6 months

If you care about your body, eating non-GMO and organic foods is a must. However, it can often be difficult to track down tasty snacks that agree with your ethics.

Enter Urthbox, a lovingly curated selection of delicious snacks, drinks and superfoods that is guaranteed organic and GMO-free. With gluten free, vegan and diet options, there is an Urthbox to suit every diet. Urthbox is a great value, with each box featuring up to 30 full-size products at up to $100 in value. Finally you can indulge without compromising your ethics!



5. Mantry: Artisan Products for the Sophisticated Man

Price: $75/month

If you’re a man who cares about quality food, then Mantry is the subscription box for you. Each month, the Mantry team tracks down the best quality, most delicious artisan foods from around the country and deliver a package that is thoughtfully curated around a specific theme.

Previous Mantry themes include, “Pizza Party”, “Bourbon BBQ” and “Bacon Nation”. Subscribing to Mantry will ensure that your pantry is always stocked with delicious hot sauces, unique snacks and everything you need to make a show-stopping cocktail. Best of all, it arrives lovingly packed in a wooden crate!  



6. Treatsie: Gourmet Treats for the Sweet-Tooth

Price: $19.95/month

What could be better than having a personally curated selection of chocolates, candies and sweets from the best confectioners across the country delivered right to your door?

Treatsie can be your sweet tooth’s best friend by bringing you a delicious selection of goodies each month. Everything in the Treatsie box is handcrafted and unique—none of the boring, mass-market chocolates you would find at your local supermarket. Subscribe for some delicious indulgence!


Kryssie Spence
Contributor, Subscription Boxes

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