6 Hilarious Last-Minute Prank Ideas for April Fools’ Day

Angel M Rodriguez

Of all days on the calendar, today is the day you should be questioning the motives of everyone around you. Yes, even a loved one. It’s a day when others play practical jokes and create elaborate hoaxes. No one is safe on this day. No one! If you forgot about April Fools’ Day and are looking for some last minute prank ideas, here you go.




1. Morning Horror Toilet

This is a great way to start the day. Who doesn’t race to the restroom first thing in the morning? Exactly! This prank is fun to play on a loved one or roommate. Here are a few things you’ll need beforehand.

  • Print an 8-by-10 photo of Freddy Krueger, the Exorcist, Hellraiser, or any other fear-inducing face.
  • Lift  the toilet seat lid and tape the photo to the underside.
  • Close the seat lid and get ready for the screams.




2. Super-gross Oreo Filled with Toothpaste

WARNING: Supervision is required when performing this prank on children. Use non-fluoride toothpaste.

Okay, now for some, fun. Who in the world doesn’t love Oreos? If you have kids living with you or if you’re packing a loved one’s lunch, this is the way to go. First let the kids know that they can have cookies for breakfast; from there you’ll need to do the following.

  • Get a bag of Oreos, if you don’t have Oreos any cookie that has white cream filling inside will do.
  • Remove the white cream filling from the cookies.
  • Grab your non-flouride toothpaste. 
  • Add the toothpaste as the new filling for the cookies.
  • Reassemble the cookies and place them on a plate for the kids or in a Ziploc bag for your loved one to take for lunch.




3. I’m Bleeding!

This day wouldn’t be the same without scaring the family. This is a great prank to torment—well, anyone really. If you can get blood—great! If not, that’s okay we’ll make do with what we have around the house.

  • You’ll need fake blood or ketchup.
  • Place the blood/ketchup on your face or arm.
  • Make sure you do this when you are alone.
  • Run out screaming that you hurt yourself.
  • If you could fake cry as well, it will make this prank work better.




4. Old Halloween Mask Freakout

The old classic: stand behind someone and scare them to death. This prank will work well if you have an old Halloween horror mask. All you have to do is put on the mask and wait till someone isn’t looking and stand right behind them. Once they turn around, scream or roar at them.




5. Scaring the S*it Out of Someone

If you don’t have a mask you could always take this road. Ellen always does the best pranks on her show. There isn’t one celebrity she hasn’t scared the s*it out of. I don’t think Richard Simmons will be coming back anytime soon. This prank doesn’t take much work, just some good hiding places around the house. Hide somewhere out of sight and jump out when they least expect it.




6. Horror Maze

This is by far the best prank you can do. For those who don’t already know about this prank, Scary Maze is an online game that requires a lot of concentration and patience. You’ll have to guide a dot through a maze by steadily long-pressing the left mouse button to move the dot. Make whoever is playing wear headphones or have the speakers turned up loud. It’s a scream baby!


Angel M Rodriguez
Author, Review Weekly Blog

Angel M. Rodriguez is a freelance writer in Los Angeles. He writes horror, comedy & online articles. He’s a horror movie fanatic. Wes Craven and Stephen King are his inspiration. Angel has written for Curve Magazine, Elite Daily, The Bold Italic, Thought Catalog and other online websites. He's a contributor for Review Weekly.