Best of Clickbait: BangFit & Driverless Car Sex

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1. BangFit

Published on Maxim by Scott Tharler

Genius new product or viral marketing campaign? These days it’s hard to tell, and it probably doesn’t even matter—as long as the clicks keep rolling in. Created by Pornhub, BangFit is a game that keeps you fit while you watch porn and have sex at the same time, teaching you a few new moves in the process.

Working something like Guitar Hero, the players wear their smartphones around their waists while they imitate the moves of porn stars on their computer screens. The more accurately the players mimic the acts they see on screen, the more points they achieve. Scores can be shared on social media, so you can see how bangin’ you are compared to your friends.




2. Google Jacket

Published on TechCrunch by Sarah Perez

Wearable tech seems to be making a resurgence lately, and the Google x Levi smart jacket is the biggest item on everyone’s radar right now. Designed for cyclists who want to use their smartphones while riding in busy traffic, the jacket will allow users to control music, answer phone calls and navigate their phones just by tapping on the jacket’s sleeve. The jacket features a pull-out USB charger and can be crumpled up and thrown in the wash like a normal jacket. Whether this goes the way of Google’s other wearable tech projects remains to be seen.




3. Driverless Car Sex

Published on by Hoops McCann

You’ve probably heard the news this week that Uber is testing driverless cars in Pittsburgh. On top of this, the company SMRT is launching a fleet of driverless cars in Singapore later this year. Pretty soon, driving will be a thing of the past and we’ll enter a brave new world of automated transport.

Obviously, since we’ll no longer need to actually drive, we’ll have a lot more time to get busy. In light of this, has provided a handy guide to driverless-car sex. As they note, if you’re planning on this, you probably want to invest in some tinted windows for your futuristic ride.




4. Orgasm Shot

Published on Elite Daily by Emily McCombs

Is it clickbait, advertorial or gonzo journalism? It’s hard to tell, but Elite Daily’s intrepid reporter Emily McCombs took one for the team when she decided to try the ‘O-shot’ – a shot of blood plasma taken from your arm and injected directly into the vagina. The shot is said to “rejuvenate the vagina…treating incontinence, looseness, dryness and lack of sensation.”

While it apparently takes up to three months to reach peak orgasm after the injection, Emily reports that her sex life has already improved. After explaining the procedure in gory detail, Emily states that, “Overall, I’m about twice as likely to feel stimulated during sex and achieve orgasm, and those orgasms are stronger and better every time.”




5. Playing Your Cards Right

Published on Huffington Post by James Michael Nichols

People talk about apps and the ‘gamification’ of everyday life, but Matchr has taken gamification further by gamifying gamification apps like Tinder – and turning them into a good old fashioned card game. That’s right, now instead of Netflix and Chill, you can play an IRL version of Tinder with the date you just met on Tinder. The game features 70 cards with lonely singles who need you to help find them a date. A ‘date’ is formed when a player has two cards with matching sexual orientations and at least two hashtags in common. Snap!




6. Pee-ups

Published on Elite Daily by Candice Jalili

As usual, Elite Daily is bringing up the rear with stories of people who’ve humiliated themselves in the worst possible ways during hookups—making you wonder if  Elite Daily actually caters to the ‘elite’. This week they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel with 10 People Reveal The Time They Peed The Bed During A Hookup, which gives you exactly what is described in the title—but mostly it’s a warning about getting too drunk on a date, passing out and then…you know.  




7. Fireflies Pay for Sex

Published on

Sara Lewis is a scientist who studies the sex lives of fireflies. Recently she discovered that when fireflies mate, the male firefly offloads a package full of “bling” to the female firefly in a move she describes as a “complex economic transaction.” Drawing the obvious conclusion from this, notes that male fireflies actually pay for sex. Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but hey the headline is worth it—right?


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