Gym, Tan, Dry Cleaning: LG Styler vs. Whirlpool Swash

TJ Farhadi

You almost forgot about the famous Jersey Shore motto, didn’t you? Well hit the gym, spray on your tan, and get ready to look fresh as hell in your wrinkle-free Ed Hardy button up. But seriously, we all love to look our best as much as possible. Look good, feel goodright? Dry cleaning is the only solution keeping your closet smelling fresh and wrinkle free, but it can get a little pricey. Not only is it expensive, it’s a hassle. You have to remember to drop them off and pick them up. Well, a couple products have now hit the market to help alleviate some of that laundry stress.  


LG recently released a sleek and sexy steamer that will have you feeling like a millionaire. The Styler looks like a fridge but is actually a closet that steams your clothes to keep them crisp and fresh. It eliminates travel time to the dry cleaners, allowing you more time to slip on your Netflix socks and lose yourself in your favorite show.  


However, no market is complete without competition and the Whirlpool Swash is a fierce competitor to the Styler. It is also a little easier on the wallet. It’s the mini-me cousin as far as size goes, but it might just pack more punch than you’d expect. So which one is better?  






The LG Styler allows 5 garments on hangers, a pant press, and removable racks for things such as baseball caps and scarves. Swash on the other hand only handles one item at a time. However, it cleans much quicker which we will discuss further down.  



Both steamers simply plug into a 120-volt wall outlet. The LG  Styler uses a portable water container which is then heated and steamed throughout the machine while the hangers are shaken back and forth, eliminating wrinkles and allowing garments to remain relatively dry. Swash on the other hand requires Tide Pods (~60 cents per load) specially designed for the machine. Swash sprays liquid across the clothes, front and back, and then the thermal drying function heats and circulates air through the clothes. When this air hits the liquid in the fibers, it steams out the creases.  



Cleaning Time

Here’s where there’s a pretty large difference. The LG Styler, though it cleans more items, can take up to two hours to fully clean and unwrinkle your garments. If you’re simply using the machine to crease a pair of dress pants, it will only take you 30 minutes. Swash is a super quick and efficient system for cleaning your clothes in 10-15 minutes. Though it only allows one garment at a time, this is ideal if you’re just trying to steam your shirt before work.  


21st Century Laundry

LG has brought laundry into the 21st century with this device. The Styler is programmed to work with a free app that allows you to create custom cleaning settings. As an example, you can program a setting specifically for your ties (or any other item of clothing that requires special care). When you’re ready to start your custom cycle, you hold your phone up to the machine and the Styler will detect and download the cycle. Way to go, technology! Swash is a little more basic in this area. What you see is what you get. Hey, sometimes traditional is a little refreshing.  




LG Styler: $1,999 Whirlpool Swash: $399  


Take Away

If you’re in the market for a home dry cleaning product, the Swash is a safe bet. The Styler is really cool looking and will make you look rich and important, but it might drain your bank account without providing the same quality of service. If you’re a hotel owner and looking for a way to provide the “perfect stay”, the Styler might be for you. For everyone else, Swash wins this round.  


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