What’s an Online Stylist?

Kryssie Spence

An online stylist is a service where a team will customize your look, comfort and self confidence. Whether the stylist is emailing you a lookbook or asking you to fill out some questions, the number one goal is to make you look and feel fashionable—without you ever doing any of the work. They want to find what suits you. Michelle D, an online stylists for Stitch Fix said in a recent interview, “Whether it be for a job interview, family vacation or an upcoming wedding, it’s an amazing feeling knowing that I get to help them look and feel their best for those special moments.”

We live in a new age where we’re just too busy to spend time shopping, and we can now order many things online: food, wine, beauty products—we can even find a date with just one swipe. So why not have your very own personal stylist? Let’s face it, we have a lot going on, from running a family, working crazy office hours, and of course going to the gym—it’s hard to keep up with every fashion trend that comes out. We all want to look chic and fresh and you might be thinking that an online stylist just isn’t in your budget. 

Well, you’re wrong. Fashion wrong!  



Stitch Fix

Price: Varies

If you’re a busy woman that’s always on the go—STITCH FIX is the right fit for you. You can personalize your style while staying on a budget. When you get started you’ll need to take a style quiz and create a style profile. That way your personal stylist can get to know you a little better. From there, you’ll receive five personalized pieces, keep what you love, send back the rest. You only pay for what you keep. Everything that is shipped to you is hand-picked by your stylist. All shipments include cards with style tips just for you. What’s not to love?



Fashion Stork

Price: $75 monthly

Like us women, men need a little help picking out the right things to wear. Fashion Stork has the best new trends for men. You’ll need to fill out questions for the stylist; you want to give the stylist as much information about your personal taste as you can. The stylist will review your profile and will pick two to four items based on your size and style preference. Your $75 pays for everything that’s in the box. For every box they send, they donate $1.00 to help fund adoptions or orphans all across the world.




Price: Varies

Wantable is one of a kind, from premium brands picked just for you, to fitness wear, makeup to die for, and accessories you can’t leave the house without. Wantable delivers the most amazing trends of the season—packed in one box. Getting started is easy! Choose a category and take the short style quiz. You’ll receive an assortment of items picked just for you. Keep what you love, and return what just isn’t for you.



Nadine West

Price: Varies

Nadine West keeps things super fun and easy. When signing up, they’ll have you pick out, tops, necklaces, earrings and bracelets that fit your style. From there, they’ll send you your personalized outfit. That’s where the fun begins. Keep what you love—send back what you would never wear. No feelings are hurt in the process. Nadine West really stands out with their outstanding, unique, affordable, and high-quality items that are shipped to you monthly.


We all want to dress like Lauren Conrad and have her stylist on our call list. But that might be a little out of our budget. However, that shouldn’t stop you from looking just as good as her and everyone else on the red carpet. There are many online stylists that have amazing prices that won’t break the bank!

Kryssie Spence
Contributor, Subscription Boxes

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