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Rachel Brewson
Editor, Dating

In an ocean of dating apps bombarding users with matches chosen by algorithms, Professional Match delivers a different approach: in-person matchmakers work with each user to find meaningful local matches. Professional Match hopes this attention to the individual will create a stronger potential for love to blossom. This dating site is especially useful for older professional singles who don’t have time for the dating grind.

Profiles 8.4

Your profile is made up of standard questions like annual income, age, occupation, location, gender and education. But, there is one major difference between Professional Match and your usual dating site. Much of the deeper information in your profile is filled out when you meet in-person with a professional local matchmaker. Rest assured, this information is not viewable by the general public or any other member on Professional Match. Your profile is not searchable online. This means you can be more honest when answering sensitive but important questions about who you’re looking for in a relationship, without the fear that it will be plastered all over the internet.

Professional Match Preview

Professional Match Preview

Matching 9.2

You actually visit with a professional local matchmaker in person to go over your self-identifying questions, which will help your matchmaker find you potential matches. You will be asked a series of questions about your goals, values and lifestyle.

You’ll also explain to the matchmaker your needs and wants in a potential match. You can outline any deal breakers so the matchmaker doesn’t waste your time with anyone who wouldn’t work out from the start. In practice, this solves the annoyance of an unending chain of first dates that go nowhere.

Filters 8.3

Since Professional Match works with an in-person matchmaker, there are no filters available to users on the site. You will not be searching for anyone online. That will all be handled by the matchmaker. This may sound strange considering the amount of dating apps that offer an endless buffet of singles. But for Professional Match’s users, this may come as a breath of fresh air. You know that the professional matchmaker has your best interest in mind as they offer up the potential matches they’ve found.

Communication 8.3

Since you’ll be working solely with a matchmaker, you won’t be communicating with matches directly in the same sense that you would on other dating sites. You’ll communicate with your match after you get paired together by the matchmaker. This leap of faith required by its users is what sets Professional Match apart from the competition. You’re not forced to engage in tepid small chat with a half-interested match that ends up leading nowhere. You don’t have to dust off your tired list of pickup lines. You work with an in-person professional, and you end up finding matches that are far more likely to be exactly what you’re looking for. No awkward chatting required!

Value 9.0

Professional Match’s value shows in the hands-on, personal matchmaking by local professionals. You will be counseled one-on-one to uncover exactly what you’re seeking in a match. This dating site was built with busy professionals in mind. If you’re short on time and want to find a match that will hopefully lead to something more than casual dating, Professional Match’s value becomes clear. When you sign up for Professional Match, you will be given access to an online dating partner site. You can opt out or choose to also use the partner site along with the matchmaking services offered by Professional Match.

Rachel Brewson
Editor, Dating

Rachel Brewson, Dating Editor, has played matchmaker and dating coach to friends and colleagues, as well as written for xoJane, Thought Catalog and a handful of online blogs. She loves craft beer, the beach, and warm LA nights.


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