5th Avenue Style Review—True Fashion Sense Unleashed

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9.4 /10

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4 Stars
Kryssie Spence
Contributor, Subscription Boxes

The 5th Avenue Style box provides an acute yet vivid collection of accessories to make any outfit a fashionista-approved eye-grabber. Each box features 4-5 extravagant accessories that range from high quality scarves, sunglasses, small leather goods to jewelry.  

Subscription 9.1

You can’t go wrong with either subscription box offered by 5th Avenue Style. The subscription box features four to five accessories for $98 that are worth over $350. For a bit more at just $159, 5th Avenue also offers the deluxe box with 4-5 branded accessories worth over $500.

What's Inside 9

Whether or not you opt for the branded accessories within the deluxe box, both boxes offer multiple ways to completely change your outfit for the better. There is also a third option—the Sub-a-Porter Andrea Box which features a Yellow Mosaic Print Dress designed by See by Chloe as well as one additional clothing item AND two to three additional accessories! While it holds the strongest price tag from 5th Avenue at $490 it is no doubt a serious wardrobe overhaul all-in-one.

Packaging 10

All contents are packed in a sturdy cardboard box and stuffed with high quality paper that features the 5th Avenue insignia stickered on top.

Shipping 8.8

Shipping in the United States for all of the boxes is free! This is a huge plus, making an already affordable wardrobe update much easier on your budget. Plus, they offer international shipping for $35.

Value 10

Each package reaps hundreds of dollars in savings. The items included within each package are rather expensive by themselves, so if you’re looking for a deal: look no further.

Kryssie Spence
Contributor, Subscription Boxes

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