Complete Review of Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club

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7.6 /10

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Kryssie Spence
Contributor, Subscription Boxes

Expert-selected, sourced from around the world, hand-cut and aged cheeses are easy to enjoy with the Gourmet Cheese of the Month club. I’ve been subscribing to this monthly package for a little under 9 months now, and am loving all the delicious types of farmhouse cheeses I’ve been shipped. While other cheese clubs give you similar options, the quality and selections from Gourmet Cheese of the Month club keep me renewing my subscription month after month.

Subscription 9.1

The club’s subscription is pretty simple. Each month, they deliver three half-pound cheese selections from international locations like Île-de-France or Lecester, areas known for fantastic farming and cheeses. The best cheese I’ve eaten so far has been the Fontina from Italy. So good!

What's Inside 8.1

Farmhouse cheeses included in each box are around 0.5 lbs per piece, totalling 1.

5 lbs of cheese in every shipment. They include cheesemaker histories, cheese profiles, tasting notes, and serving suggestions as well.

Packaging 8.9

They’ve taken extra care in packing each box to ensure the freshness and quality of the cheeses upon arrival. I like that they wrap and label each piece separately inside of a styrofoam cooler and include an ice box. Plus, the outside of the box is marked with handling instructions.

Shipping 3.5

Similar to International Wine Club, the shipping and handling is also $13 per box. It’s a small price to pay for three cheese selections from around the world.

Value 8.6

If you’re into cheese, this subscription is definitely a great deal. Most of the cheeses are worth a lot more than around $11 each (the rough price per piece according to the monthly price). It also saves a trip to your local cheese shop or Whole Foods.

Kryssie Spence
Contributor, Subscription Boxes

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