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Kryssie Spence
Contributor, Subscription Boxes

The Fashion Stork subscription box brings a lush, chic outfit to the style-thirsty male on the monthly. Every month, Fashion Stork provides 2-4 fab clothing items and accessories for any gentleman to be handsomely stylish.

Subscription 7.5

Every month the Fashion Stork subscription box packs a variety of 2-4 pieces of male fashion both big and small. At this point, many subscription boxes offer items that are worth more than the collection, however, a male subscription box is currently hard to come by.

Fashion Stork Subscription Box

Fashion Stork Subscription Box

What's Inside 8

Items range from sunglasses and premium bowties to blazers and graphic tees. While the Fashion Stork items are not specifically listed like some subscription boxes, examples of previous boxes are posted on the website if you’re curious.

Packaging 9

Each monthly collection of manly swag is packed in a thick cardboard box with a thin layer of wrapping paper around new, neatly folded fashion.

Shipping 6.6

Standard shipping for Fashion Stork is free. Unfortunately for all the style-conscious men across the globe, Fashion Stork does not ship internationally.

Value 8

Every month Fashion Stork wisely hand-picks items that are worth the monthly subscription of $75. Fashion Stork is both for the fashion-savvy male as well as the man-who-just-needs-an-outfit. While the stork does not fly outside of America and the items or brands are not specified, Fashion Stork is still a great deal for any man trying to boost his wardrobe.

Kryssie Spence
Contributor, Subscription Boxes

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