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8.9 /10

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Kryssie Spence
Contributor, Subscription Boxes

Stitch Fix is the ultimate answer to a monthly wardrobe overhaul for busy women who don’t have time to shop. Stitch Fix starts you off with a style quiz that quickly determines your personal fashion preferences. Acting as your very own personal stylist, Stitch Fix will then send you items that match your unique style profile and budget. 

Subscription 9.2

Every month a full outfit is sent out—including accessories. The best part? Pay for only the items you like and return the ones you don’t. Stitch Fix has a simplified pay and return system that allows subscribers to carefully pick and choose which items they’d like to keep. Items are selected based on your budget, so you don't have to worry about falling in love with an expensive designer piece and not being able to part with it.

Stitch Fix Subscription Box

Stitch Fix Subscription Box
Stitch Fix Subscription Box
Stitch Fix Subscription Box

What's Inside 8.7

There’s nothing better than receiving a little present each month—a brand new outfit curated just for you. The Stitch Fix box contains items from over 250 of the best up-and-coming labels, so you can be assured their selections are always on-trend.

Brands include Collective Concepts, Kut From The Kloth, Daniel Rainn, Kensie, L.A. Made, Sanctuary, Mystree and Tart. Part of the fun is that Stitch Fix will introduce you to new brands and bring diversity to your wardrobe.

Packaging 9

Stitch Fix comes in a nicely-designed box, with an elegant, minimal aesthetic that makes receiving your package all the more special. The box includes your carefully wrapped outfit along with a return bag, already labelled and pre-paid—all you have to do is drop it off at the post office!

Shipping 8.1

Stitchfix offers free shipping as well as return shipping to all customers. Unfortunately, Stitch Fix has no plans to ship outside of the US at the moment.

Value 9.3

The great part about Stitch Fix is you are able to pick how expensive the outfit is. Stitchfix offers a range of options, from “the cheaper, the better” up to more expensive ($200 and up) designer items. The average price point of an item is $55, but with the wide range of options you should be able to find something that suits your budget. If you decide to purchase all five items, you will receive 25% off your entire purchase!

Kryssie Spence
Contributor, Subscription Boxes

Kryssie Spence loves a good surprise. She's obsessed with online shopping, going on urban adventures with her partner-in-crime, husband Josh, and prides herself on being the "Cool Aunt."